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East Gate Studio

Passionate about capturing the best moments in your music.

Music Production, Tracking, and Mixing


404 Church St., Macon, GA 31217


Redeeming Hope Center

404 Church St.


Production – We will help build your song from scratch and everything in between. If you are a singer/songwriter looking for a full band production, we have musicians that can provide accompaniment on drums, rhythm and lead guitars, bass, piano, synth, mandolin, and harmony vocals.

Tracking – For those bands that are rehearsed and ready to record, or the solo artist that wants to keep things minimal, we are excited about capturing your best performance! We are here to lend an attentive ear and push you towards your best.

Mixing – We want your music to be heard the way you’ve always imagined it. We are committed to providing you a great mix of your performance.

The Rooms

We have two rooms for recording: the control room and the “big room.”

The “big room” is the church sanctuary of one of the oldest churches in our city, which is perfect for multi-tracking and full band recordings. The atmosphere and sound in this room are an incredible find. There are also several rooms attached to the larger room perfect for isolation and preventing excessive bleed.

The control room is an acoustically treated room where all of the music is EQ’d and mixed. This is also a great room for recording vocals and building songs track by track.


We offer hourly and project/song rates. Pricing may differ depending on the nature and needs of your projects. However, we are very aggressive in our pricing and believe that good music deserves to be heard. Simply put, no one will do better work for less.

Please contact us to find out more details.

Night Hawk

Stephen Degeorge © 2017 Degeorge is a Christian singer/songwriter that sings about real issues that we all face and the redemption that can found in Jesus.

Songs For the City

Awakening Fires Worship © 2017 Songs For The City is the first album release from East Gate Music, a collection of artists from Awakening Fires Ministries.

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